How many times have you thought that you want to get fit fast, really fast? Want to lose all the weight by tomorrow!

Probably too many to count. We as humans can be very impatient when it comes down to achieving individual goals, especially if it comes down to our body image.

So let’s check a few facts here.

How long did it take you to get to your actual weight? The chances are that your answer will be from several months to a few years depending on how overweight you are. Some of you might even respond, many years.

So, why is it that we want to lose weight fast?

The reality is that you are not going to be a size two by tomorrow, not are you going to lose 50 pounds in a month. Sorry, to break it to you. 🙂 It just doesn’t happen, not for a healthy person, at least. So get over the idea that you want to lose weight fast if you want it to be sustainable.

But, I want to get fit fast… It is going to take some time to achieve your ideal weight.

People who go on the latest fad diet might lose some weight fast, but there are two reasons for not doing that. Number 1, there is a very high probability that you will lose some weight and will gain it all back and more. Number 2, not only it’s not healthy to lose weight fast, but also, your skin will get saggy and hang. If you take some time to lose the weight, you will give your skin a better chance to tone.

You are going to plateau. It happens to everybody, and it’s how you deal with it that is going to make it or break it when it comes to your weight loss. Not only will you plateau, but there will be times in which your weight will go up, even as you continue your healthy eating and exercise.

In my opinion, plateaus occur because they are a way for the body to get used to it’s new normal. The faster you accept that plateaus are going to be part of your weight loss road, the less emotional effect they will have on you.

I know what you are thinking, yeah, well, but… I’m doing everything right, I’m sacrificing so much by eating this way and by exercising, and my body is not losing a single ounce, and I want to lose weight fast

A piece of advice here, if you are thinking that way, this is the time to modify your thoughts. You are not “sacrificing” anything, you are working for a new you, and that’s fantastic.

You will feel beautiful, and you will look fabulous when you achieve your desired weight, and will be glad that you continued with your efforts in spite of the numbers on the scale not moving much for a little while.

Also, keep this in mind, when we are working on weight loss, we not only will lose pounds, but we’ll also lose inches. There will be times in which your weight will not go down, but your inches will. So it’s important that you not only weight yourself but that you also measure your hips, thighs, waist and arms.

What else should you expect during your weight loss path?

There will be days when life just happens, and you will not be able to exercise. That’s ok, just don’t wait too long to get back to it. The longer you are away from working out, the more difficult is to get back to it, and you will lose some of the ground you have gained.

Expect to have some setbacks; that’s normal. When I was losing weight, my motto was, do it right 80% of the time, even if you slack the other 20%. And that’s what I teach my coaching members. It’s better to do it right 80% of the time, than not do it at all because you are not perfect 100% of the time.

Remember, we are humans, and we make mistakes, but the best advice I can give you is, whatever happens, don’t give up. Keep going, and above all change your thinking from “I want to lose weight fast” or I want to get fit fast, to “I want to get fit and stay fit”.  Doesn’t the latest sound better?

I’m not unique or different from you. I’m as human as you are, with all my faults and weaknesses, and if I did it, you could do it too!

To a healthier you,

Dr. Alfonso

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