Are you the Queen of yo-yo dieting? Are you a Diet Queen? Have you tried every diet and nothing works?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, likely is that you are very familiar with the Atkins diet, the Zone diet, the South Beach Diet, Nutrisystem, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, the 3-Hour diet, Blood Type Diet, Best Life Diet, etc, etc, etc…

Let me guess, you’ve tried many if not all of them and you have always gotten the same results. Yes, you lost some weight, but then as soon as you got off the diet you gained it all back and more.

Being a diet queen is not fun. Because by now you’ve learned that strict diets that promise massive weight loss in a short period of time are impossible to follow for a long time.

What happens to you when you fail again just another diet? You will end up beating yourself up, blaming yourself for not having enough willpower, feeling miserable for not trying hard enough, or long enough.

Maybe you think you are a failure because you have not been able to lose the weight and keep it off. Well let me tell you a little secret… It’s not your fault!

You have not failed! The diets have failed you! The Weight Loss industry has failed you!

Let’s make this clear…

If it was your fault, why is it that there are so many other women out there that just like you have failed at losing weight? Does that mean that all these other women didn’t try hard enough at it, or didn’t have enough will power?

I don’t think so.

The fact is that if any of these quick fix, fad diets, weight loss programs worked, there would be a lot more success stories about women losing weight. Don’t you think? So, why is it that people and women in general are struggling with obesity?

So why is it that people fail on these diets? Reality is my friend, that diets are destined to fail because they are only one piece of the weight loss puzzle.

The diet industry makes billions of dollars and it’s not convenient for them for people to become smart and know the secret.

If the diet industry really wanted you to succeed, why is it that there are thousands of diet books out there? Wouldn’t you just need a few dozens at the most? I mean, all these books pretty much say the same thing, in different words.

So as long as you continue dieting, losing the weight temporarily to gain it all back and more, you will keep feeding the pockets of the diet industry, and you will continue getting fatter and fatter. Wouldn’t you prefer to keep that money in your pocket instead? Why would you want to make them richer? They are not doing you any favors, on the contrary they are harming you.

My advice… Stop right now, stop buying the next diet pill, the next diet shakes, the next weight loss book, the next piece of exercise equipment that’s going to turn into a dust collector or a clothes hanger in your room. If you don’t put a stop to that you will continue saying all your life, the same old words: “I tried every diet and nothing works.”

I’m going to tell you the truth…

The hard truth is that there is NO magic quick fix, there is NO magic wand and there is no magic weight loss pill.

The best, safer and quickest way to lose weight for good and keep it off is by going slow at it. Why is that? Because by doing it that way, you are giving yourself the opportunity of making not only a lifestyle change but also a mental shift.

You will start seeing yourself as thin and healthy, and you will start acting as if.

So you might be wondering, ok I got it, but how do I go about it? How do I change my lifestyle and get off from this weight loss roller coaster? This diet train wreck?

I have the answer for you. You need to deal with your weight loss problems, by attacking it from several angles.

Losing weight is not just about diet, exercise, and will power.

Losing weight successfully is about dealing with the mental and emotional aspects of it, about having a direct and clear plan on how to go about it, about being accountable, and then and only then you can stick to the healthy eating and the exercise.

Trust me I was were you are, I know how incapacitating it feels to try to lose weight yes one more time and fail again. You don’t know where to start or how to go about it…

So the best way is to have a plan and work at it, that’s how I did it and that’s how I coach other women to do it. That my friend is the secret to weight loss, not the next diet pill, or the next diet book or the next exercise book.

I hope you found some valuable information here that helped you understand why you are not succeeding at losing weight. Stop telling to yourself: “I tried every diet and nothing works.

Your best bet is to stop filling the pockets of the diet industry and start working on you the right way. You will be glad you did it! I know I am!

Dr. Mayra Alfonso

Image by jesadaphorn

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