The Venus Factor Review – Understanding How The Venus Factor Works

Imagine having a body that’s capable of really making those men take note of you. More importantly, imagine a body whose metabolic rate is actually capable of making it a whole lot easier for you to stay healthy and active. That is what the Venus Factor promises.

The Venus Factor is one of the most popular weight loss programs for women out there today. 

But what is the Venus Factor? This program promises to provide you with the right weight loss solution for your life. Their promise is that you will lose a lot of weight when using the program.

Do you need to spend the money on yet another “fast” weight loss program?

What’s the secret of the Venus factor?

Well, really no secret here. The Venus factor program main focus is a hormone that is regularly produced by the body. That hormone is leptin. They claim that leptin is the key to weight loss.

What does the Venus factor program include?

It includes an essential fat loss diet guide, where they tell you what to eat and what not to eat. It also includes an exercise program, with a weekly plan for 12 weeks; a virtual nutritionist application that tells you how much protein and calories you should consume based on your body measurements; and a podcast for motivation. Not really anything too different from the thousands of programs that are out there.

What don’t they offer? There’s not one-on-one support or coaching, you are not accountable to anyone, and more importantly, they don’t address the psychological and mental aspects that are so critical for successful weight loss.

What is leptin, and why you should be familiar with it…

Leptin is a very powerful hormone produced by your fat cells. It is a fat hormone that helps maintain the body’s energy balance. It regulates the body’s appetite and metabolic system. What this means is that your fat, using leptin, alerts your brain about your level of satiety, meaning, should you eat more or should you be hungry.

Leptin is the way that fat stores communicates with your brain to let it know how much energy is there left, and what to do with it.

When this leptin signal is working the way it should, when your fat stores are full, the extra fat will cause an increase in your level of leptin, which in turn will signal your brain to stop feeling hunger and stop eating and to stop storing fat and start burning it instead.

In obese people, leptin levels are high and the brain doesn’t recognize it, therefore we talk about leptin resistance.

Because the brain does not recognize the high levels of leptin when there is resistance to it, the brain will continue to feel hunger and will continue eating, and will continue storing fat.

Increased levels of leptin have been associated with increased cardiovascular risk, but it’s unclear if this is caused by the high levels of leptin, or by the resistance to leptin.

Why do you become leptin-resistant?

When your body gets continuous overexposure to the high levels of leptin.

When we eat a diet high in processed foods, grains and sugar, the sugar is metabolized in your fat cells, and the fat cells release high levels of leptin.

As the time goes by, and your body is over-exposed to high levels of leptin, it then becomes resistant. This is pretty much the same process that occurs when the body becomes resistant to insulin.

Two hormones resistance are associated with obesity, one is insulin, the other one is leptin.

How can you re-establish a normal leptin signaling to your body?

By preventing leptin surges, and the only real way to do that, is by eating a proper diet, basically a whole food diet. This type of diet will emphasize on eating good fats and avoiding blood sugar spikes.

According to the Venus Factor website, women are often more likely to suffer from leptin resistance than men, therefore making it easy for women to overeat as a result. They claim that the Venus Factor is designed to prevent such resistance.

Why do they claim the Venus Factor works?

The concept is that the Venus Factor focuses specifically on the ability of your body to use leptin to burn fat.

The concept focuses on the use of foods that are designed to make your body sensitive to leptin. The program covers details on what needs to be avoided in order to keep your body capable of managing its leptin without any hassles.

What Results Are Out There With The Venus Factor?

Some women claim that the results that they have attained through this program are impressive. 

But in reality, the answer to your weight loss problem is not another weight loss pill and it’s not another quick fix program and is not the Venus factor. The answer is to avoid processed foods, sugar (fructose) and grains.

Eat a healthy diet of whole foods, and replace your grain carbs with a low amount of complex carbs, a low to moderate amount of protein, and eat high-quality healthful fat, found in avocados, nuts, and coconut oils.

Diet is 80% of your weight loss results, the other 20% is exercise.

So, you want to lose weight?

Eat better, move more, and ignore all the bright shiny objects that offer you huge promises with big results that are only looking at one piece of the puzzle, and not the whole picture.

Remember, there is not a magic wand to lose weight.

Hope that you got some clarity about how leptin resistance can be affecting your weight from this Venus factor review.

Dr. Mayra Alfonso

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