Let’s get this clear. Self-Care is not selfish!

You should take some time from your busy schedule to take care of yourself.  I know, what you’re thinking, “who has the time, maybe later I can take some time to exercise and eat better.”

The bottom line is that there is not a perfect time to take care of yourself.  You have to take the time now.

I hear when you say: “but I have the kids, and they have to go to soccer or baseball, or the job, or the business, or the husband…”

I’m sure you could keep adding more and more reasons why you are so busy that you can’t practice self-care.

But the reality is that if you don’t do it now, it won’t happen.

Think about a difference scenario, what about if you start taking a little time for yourself, not much time, just maybe half hour three times per week, and you start feeling more energized and find yourself being able to be more productive doing your tasks.

You see, when you take time for yourself, not only will you feel more energized, but you will also start feeling better about yourself.

Think about something, what do you value in life?  What matters to you?  Would you like to live a longer life to be able to spend more time with your loved ones?

Do you think that putting your health and well-being on the back burner is the right choice for you?   You know you have a choice.  What’s going to be, take care of yourself or let the years pass taking care of others?

Don’t get me wrong, I hear you when you say you’re exhausted, and that you don’t even have enough time for your children, especially if you have no little or no family support. So if you don’t do it for yourself, do it for your kids.

Keep this in mind; your children are watching your behavior, what do you want them to model when they grow up?  Would you like that they enjoy a healthy and happy life or that they become fat and unhealthy?

The way you look on the outside and your health are a reflection of how you feel inside. There’s no doubt about that.  How much you value yourself?  How much self-love do you have for yourself? How do you practice self-care?

Is your health suffering because you don’t eat a cleaner diet?  You can’t find 1.5 to 3 hours a week to move the body and do something that makes your body feel better?  If your answer to these two questions is yes, then I would invite you to re-evaluate your priorities, because what you’re telling me is that you don’t deeply love yourself.

Many women are lost when it comes to feeling happy, and being healthier, and they don’t know who they are any longer.  Many of us have dedicated our lives to take care of others, but not of ourselves. But by putting everybody else before you, you are not serving your loved ones.  What you are teaching them is to do exactly what you are doing, and what they will learn is to take care of others more than of themselves and they will learn to put their needs last.

So remember, self-care is not selfish.  It’s a way of showing your self-love and of teaching your children to take care of themselves, practice self-love and prioritize themselves.

Think about what activities you can modify during the day that might give you a little extra time for yourself, and start taking some well deserved time to take care of yourself and your body.

Don’t forget; your needs are as important as everybody else’s.  🙂




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