Excessive sugar consumption is one of the biggest issues of the 21st century, and most people don’t even know they have problems with it. While most of us can’t live without eating a few candies in front of the TV, a piece of cake at the restaurant, or some donuts on the way to work, others, aware of the harmful effects sugar has, fight with themselves to stop craving sugar.

Whether you are one of those who can’t resist eating something sweet even for a single day or one of those who try to stop craving sugar, you must know the negative effects of sugar consumption.

Every person needs sugar since it provides our bodies with energy. But, if your body receives more than necessary, sugar can be a threat to your health. If this doesn’t worry you, and if you think you don’t have any problems with sugar addiction, then pay attention to the following health issues sugar can be responsible for:

  • Heart diseases, diabetes, a rise in cholesterol levels, cancer, etc.
  • The acne on your face and body
  • Premature aging of your skin
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Teeth damage
  • Cravings
  • Obesity

women trying to stay healthy and stop craving sugar

Sugar is very addictive. The more you eat, the more you crave for it. Your sugar addiction leads to more cravings even though you have just finished eating something sweet. Nowadays, food producers load the products we eat and drink with sugar, which makes us even more addictive and we buy certain products more often. The good news is that it is not impossible to stop your sugar addiction and to stop craving.

Consider the following three key points that will help you start avoiding sugar:

  • Find the reason that causes your cravings. Once you find out what makes you crave, whether it is because you don`t eat well or properly, stress or any other reason, it will be easier to stop craving.
  • Your daily diet. What you eat, how much you eat, how many times a day. The diet has to be balanced, so you take in all the necessary nutrition.
  • Your habits. How you spend your time, do you have too much free time and eat out of boredom, etc.

Sugar has become our biggest temptation. It is hard to resist. Nevertheless, if we like to stay healthy, we must avoid it as much as possible. Sugar addiction is a problem that may seem very difficult, but we must take action since it is our health that sugar threatens to. And there is nothing more important than our health, right?

Take a look at the top seven secrets that will help you control your sugar addiction and stop craving.

1. Eat Regularly, Healthy, And Properly

Sometimes sugar cravings appear because you haven’t eaten healthily and properly, or because you have skipped breakfast, lunch or dinner. Then your body lacks energy, and you start craving sugar. We very often change our healthy meals with sweet ones, and since sugar is addictive, it makes us crave for more.

You need to eat three times a day a healthy portion which is combined with fat, carbohydrate, and protein. When your body receives the necessary healthy elements and has the energy to perform everyday functions, the cravings will stop.

choosing healthy over unhealthy food to stop craving

2. Sleep Enough

To stop craving, you must get enough sleep. The longer you are awake, the more you will eat. When you don`t sleep, the level of Leptin, your appetite hormone decreases, and Ghrelin, your appetite-stimulating hormone increases. They tell your brain that you are hungry although you have eaten. So, you must go to sleep earlier to control your sugar addiction. A plus is that 8-hour sleep will also help you in your beauty regime.

3. Avoid Stress

Stress is another factor responsible for your cravings. When you are under stress, the hormone that controls the appetite, Cortisol, gets activated in your body. When this happens, you get hungry even if you really aren`t. Then you start craving, mostly something sweet, some candy or chocolate. This sugar addiction can end; you just need to avoid stress.

women resting

4. Change Your Habits

We all have different habits, and probably the worst one is lying every night on the couch, watching TV, eating and drinking unhealthy, junk food. All these things that we regularly do make us crave for more sugar.

To stop craving, we need to change these habits and start doing something else. For example, instead of watching TV in the evening, you can hang out with friends, do some entertaining activities, sports, or simply go walking. Moreover, you should never change a healthy meal with a sweet one. Don’t forget that sugar is addictive, the more you eat it, the more you will crave for it.

5. Drink More Water

You may wonder how sugar cravings are connected to water. Well, sometimes when you are dehydrated your body can get confused and instead for water crave for sugar. If you drink enough water, your body will be satisfied, and you will stop craving.

6. Avoid Processed Food

To stop craving sugar, you also need to stop consuming processed food. This food is full of sugar and is very addictive. Meat, ketchup, cheese, soft drinks, margarine, etc., they all contain sugar.

processed vs healthy food

7. Satisfy Your Sweet Need Naturally

Your body does need sugar, and you need to satisfy its needs. However, instead of consuming sweets with added sugars, eat fruit. They are way healthier than anything else that contains sugar. Also, stop using white and brown sugar in your coffee or tea, and avoid artificial sweeteners. You need to stop using these if you want to stop craving sugar. For example, you can use stevia which is a natural sweetener and is not harmful at all. It will not raise the sugar levels in your blood.

I Choose To Be Healthy!

The battle to fight sugar is a very hard one. But it is your health that depends on it. You are a strong person, and you must choose to be healthy. Nowadays there is sugar in almost everything. Don’t forget it is addictive, and even one candy can make you eat five more. To stop craving eat regularly and properly, avoid processed food, and satisfy your sugar needs with fruits. Drink plenty of water. Don’t forget to sleep enough which will help you reduce stress, and also to stop craving sugar.

And, last but not least, you must change some of your habits that make you eat more sweets. These 7 secrets will not only help you control your sugar addiction, but are also the key to healthier life.

If you have any problems or a lack of confidence and motivation to start following these steps, subscribe to my Members area. We are here to help you and support you to fight the battle with sugar. Don’t hesitate, stop craving, and be healthy!

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