Do you know what the best way to stop hunger and eliminate your cravings is? Nutritionists would say protein foods. Are you surprised by this answer? Do you avoid proteins such as meat or dairy products to lose weight? If you do, stop. Let me explain why.

Protein foods should always be part of your diet. Protein deficiency not only slows down the fat burning process, but it may lead to different health problems. Our cell, organs, and muscles are made of it. So, lack of proteins can have negative effects on you.

One of the primary functions of the protein is to give us energy and to maintain processes in our body. On top of that, consuming protein foods brings many other advantages.

So, go through the following 7 science-backed reasons to consume more protein foods and find out why you shouldn’t eliminate them from your diet.

1. Protein Foods Help You Maintain A Healthy Weight

If you have a problem losing weight, consuming foods that contain protein can help you shed your extra pounds. A lean protein choice should be on your plate with every meal since proteins:

  • Make you feel satisfied longer – when we consume protein we feel satisfied longer with less food. Moreover, when proteins go into our bodies, the levels of the hunger hormone, Ghrelin, decrease. That means, you won’t feel hungry, and you won’t face any cravings.
  • Increase fat burn – when we eat proteins, it takes more time for their digestion. It means that we spend more energy. Proteins increase the work of our metabolism making it spend more calories. This process is known as a thermic effect. And, if we make a comparison, we can say that proteins have a higher thermic effect than the fats and carbohydrates.

When you lack proteins, it is more likely that you consume more carbs. And, more carbs means more cravings since they satisfy you for a shorter time. Thus, incorporating protein foods in your diet can be very useful when it comes to losing weight.

2. Proteins Make You Stronger

Woman exercising

 Protein is an essential part of our:

  • Muscles – consuming proteins is especially significant when you do high-intensity training. It helps in building our muscles making them strong enough to endure the training. Moreover, as we age, we lose muscle mass. So, eating proteins will help in keeping the strength in the muscles.
  • Bonesproteins are also part of our bones, they make them strong. People who have problems with osteoporosis should especially consume protein.

Our nails, skin, hair, etc. are also made of protein. To keep them strong and healthy we should consume it every day, with every meal.

3. Protein Foods Make Your Immune System Stronger

Another reason for eating proteins is the effects they have on our immune system. They protect our bodies from viruses, infections, and bacteria. They keep us healthy by having the ability to detect these unwanted threats as well as fight them. To stay healthy, you should never exclude proteins from your diet.

4. Protein Decreases Your Blood Pressure 

Many studies show that the consumption of protein is connected with the decrease in blood pressure. And, we all know that blood pressure is related to strokes, heart attack, and other heart diseases. Consumption of protein foods may lower the chances of heart problems.

5.  Foods That Contain Protein Improve Your Memory

Proteins improve memory

Protein is also part of our brains. Therefore, including more protein in your diet will result in better memory. It will also improve your concentration and help to better function of the brain.

6. Protein Makes You Happier

When you eat protein, the amino acids form neurotransmitters in your body. They make you feel happy, positive, peaceful, optimistic. To fight bad feelings such as depression, anxiety, pessimism, etc. take in more protein foods.

7. Protein Restores The Cells And Tissues In Your Body

The cells and the tissues of your skin, nails, hair, organs, start to lose their quality after few weeks. For this reason, they need to be regenerated so that our body stays healthy. The amino acids in the proteins help in this process.

Final Thoughts

Every person’s healthy diet should include protein foods. Without the consumption of proteins, we wouldn’t be able to function properly. They make us stronger by taking care of our muscles, bones, skin, etc. They also make us happier and smarter by improving our memory.

Moreover, when it comes to our health, proteins make our immune system stronger to fight different diseases. They also decrease the blood pressure and restore the cells and the tissues in our bodies.

In case you have a protein deficiency, you will recognize it by the signs like low energy, slow metabolism, trouble losing weight, low immunity, joint and muscle pain, trouble sleeping, etc.

Finally, eating protein foods helps you shed pounds as well as maintain a healthy weight. By including lean proteins in your diet, you can get the desired weight naturally.

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