How many times did you starve yourself just because you were not satisfied with the way you look? How many times did you skip breakfast or dinner or simply ate very little with the thought that you would get rid of the extra pounds? Well, we all do that sometimes, but the question is, is starving really necessary when we try to lose belly fat?

Starving is a big mistake. Let`s say you starve yourself and you lose weight quickly. What happens when you start eating again? When you don’t eat, the body uses the fat that is stored in. So, when its resources finish, you are out of fat. Then you believe you achieved your goal, and you start eating again. Obviously, the pounds return.
Moreover, fats are a source of energy, which helps us do our everyday activities. Starving leads to lack of strength and weakness as well as some health issues. Instead of not eating, you need something that will help you remove fat permanently without feeling hungry. Undoubtedly, the fat in the belly is the fat most of us have problems with.

So, let’s take a look at the five little-known secrets on how to lose belly fat without starving.

1. Avoid Sugar!

Many types of research show that sugar is harmful and it is not that just causes different health issues, but it is also most often responsible for the problem of obesity. You cannot even imagine how regular sugar is in the foods and drinks we consume. You can find sugar in everything: soft drinks, sodas, alcohol, meat, and almost in all the snacks we eat.
Sugar is very addictive. The more you consume it, the harder it is to give it up. So, try to cut it down first, so you can slowly remove it entirely from your daily intake. Saying goodbye to sugar means saying goodbye to belly fat.

2. Eat Healthy Three Times A Day, But Avoid Snacks!

eating healthy to lose belly fat

You will lose belly fat by eating healthy, and eating three times a day is very important because the body needs to take in the necessary nutrients. Morning meals are essential because the body needs energy and the brain needs to awake after the long sleep.
The best time to have breakfast is no later than in the first hour you awake. Each body needs carbohydrates, proteins, and fats to function and stay healthy. Try not to starve but combine these properly. Also, you can follow any diet for losing belly fat but make sure it is a healthy one.

Forget about any snacks between meals. When you have a meal, the metabolism needs time to process the food you take, and snacks only make it harder and slower. If you feel hungry between the meals, drink more water, because sometimes our minds may confuse hunger with thirst.

3. Sweat!

exercise and sweat to lose belly fat

To sweat means to lose fat, and the best way to sweat and have fun is to exercise. There are many exercises to lose belly fat. For instance, cardio exercises help to remove the fat from the body. You can also go swimming, running, cycling, or just walking. Our muscles are our natural fat burners, and when we use them, that is precisely what happens. At first, it might look difficult, but when you get used to exercising regularly, you will feel well, fresh and energized.

4. Get Enough Sleep, Forget The Stress, And Lose Belly Fat!

Just like eating healthy, avoiding sugar or exercising, getting enough sleep is very important to stay healthy and lose belly fat. This may sound strange, but lack of sleep is related to our weight.
On one side, if you sleep less, you eat more, since the longer you stay awake, the hungrier you get.

women sleeping

On the other side, if you haven’t slept well, and even worse if you haven’t slept well for days, you become nervous and stressed. Being under stress means that your body activates the secretion of cortisol which is a hormone that controls the appetite in the body. When this hormone is activated, you feel hungry, and you need to eat even if your stomach is full. So get enough sleep and avoid stress, it will surely help you lose belly fat.

5. Drink A Lot Of Water!

Water intake helps you lose belly fat. Drinking more water is healthy. It removes the toxins from your body and the more water you drink, the more calories you burn. When the body is dehydrated, your kidneys do not work as they should, so it is the liver that takes on their job. This means that the liver is overloaded and simply cannot deal with our metabolism and remove fat. So drink more water to help the liver do its job and help you with the belly fat removal. Many diets that concentrate on losing belly fat are based mostly on water but be careful, your body needs food too.

To Conclude

Summing up

Belly fat is an issue that you cannot solve with starving. The answer to the question how to lose belly fat is easier than you imagine.
Firstly, start with avoiding sugar, since it is unhealthy, addictive and increases the chances of obesity. Secondly, don’t forget to eat three healthy meals a day, but avoid the snacks between the meals because the metabolism needs time to process the taken food.

Moreover, try to sweat and do sports as often as you can. Exercising will help you lose fat faster, and it will benefit your overall health as well. Another thing that will help you lose belly fat is getting enough sleep and avoiding stress. The more stressed you are, the more hungry you will feel. Finally, make sure to drink enough water. It burns calories and helps burn fat, so try not to get dehydrated.

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