Are you concerned with the way you look? Do you feel unsatisfied with your extra pounds? Did you try everything, specific diets, and workouts but those stubborn pounds just keep on coming back? Have you ever thought about counting calories? If not, today we will help you understand how essential they are when it comes to your weight.

Counting calories is probably the top present controversial topic among people struggling with excessive body weight. There is a debate going on whether counting calories is harmful, helpful or maybe a waste of time. If you think calories are not important, we will prove you wrong. No matter how hard you exercise at the gym or follow strict diets, that is all in vain if your calorie intake is bigger then the amount you burn.

Three Reasons Why Counting Calories Isn’t Harmful Or A Waste Of Time

Calories are elements that give our body energy, and thanks to them we are able to live and function. The number of calories we take in and burn is essential and connected to our body weight as well as our health.

  1. If your body lacks calories, it will not be able to function properly, or you will not be able to do your everyday activities. Each body is different, and every person should receive the right amount of calories they need every day.
  2. If your body has too many calories or more than it needs, that means that you have gained weight. Consuming too many calories leads to obesity.
  3. If your body receives the required number of calories every day, then it will stay healthy. However, if too many calories are received, they must be burned. You will know the right number of the calories you take in only by counting them.

Shortly, counting calories is essential because if you don`t count them, you might lack energy, gain weight or become unhealthy.

Why Is Counting Calories More Helpful In Losing Body Weight Than Dieting?

Many people today deal with the issue of overweight and obesity. Weight issues lead to different kind of problems such as health concerns, psychological dissatisfaction with your own body and of course, yourself.

To keep the desired weight and stay healthy, the number of calories you take in must be equal to the number of calories you burn. When you know the number of calories you should take in (or burn), you can adjust your meals to your body needs.

counting calories in vegetables, milk, fruit, and sweets

Counting calories is different and much better than trying to lose weight by following a diet. When you count calories, you actually take account of how many proteins, fats, and carbohydrates you consume.

When you are on a diet, your meals are usually limited, and the body probably does not receive all of the essential nutrients. Even if you eat healthily, the problem occurs if the nutrients are not correctly combined. Each healthy meal should consist of a combination of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins.

If you follow a specific diet, you might lose weight. However, when you finally lose extra pounds, and end your diet those extra pounds often return and then some. This is called yo-yo effect.

To avoid yo-yo effect instead of dieting start counting calories. If the best way to lose weight is the one that will keep your desired weight for a long time, then undoubtedly there is no better way than counting calories.

Tame The Yo-Yo With A Doctor!

Yo-Yo with a doctor

Now that you know that counting calories isn’t harmful or a waste of time, you must be wondering how to count them. Well, that is a question that must be discussed with a doctor, since it requires a professional approach. The way of counting calories is different for each person, and it depends on several things (age, size, gender, etc.).

If you find yourself having obesity problems, don’t hesitate to contact me. After all, counting calories is the best and cheapest ticket which will take you to your dream body.

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