Are you jealous of people who seem to eat like crazy and yet they stay skinny? Sometimes we even hate ourselves for having extra pounds, feeling disappointed and dissatisfied with the way we look. And yes, we all have that friend who is a food addict and constantly eats junk food, but she looks like a model.  Maybe the sole problem is not the food but also slow metabolism? Read on and get yourself familiar with metabolism boosters and how they can help you lose weight.

If diets don’t work, the next thing you should concentrate on is your metabolism. It is very likely that you have trouble losing weight because your metabolism works slower than that of your skinny friend. But, how much do you know about your metabolism? Do you know that it is responsible for burning calories in your body? So, if you do have a slow metabolism, it will burn fewer calories. As a result, losing weight will be more difficult.

Metabolism boosters increase the metabolism so it can burn more calories which leads to losing pounds.

We will divide metabolism boosters into two sections:

  • Food habits
  • Healthy habits

1. Food Habits

If we want to lose weight, it is obvious that we must pay attention to our food habits. It matters if we eat healthy food or junk food and if we eat properly or just to satisfy our hunger. However, there are also foods that are considered as metabolism boosters and help our metabolism work faster. Read about the following foods and learn how to boost your metabolism.

Metabolism boosters

  • Dairy products – they are full of Calcium which speeds up the work of the metabolism. Include more milk, cheese or any other dairy product in your meals since they will help you lose weight. Just make sure what you use are grass-fed dairy products since they are much more nutritious than the conventional dairy products.
  • Coffee – it contains Caffeine which raises the heart rate and increases your metabolism and in the process burns more calories.
  • Green tea – it will not only help you boost your metabolism, but it will also make you feel full because of the Catechin, a natural antioxidant it contains.
  • Fiber – many surveys have proved that eating products rich in fiber will not make you fat, and they even make the metabolism work faster up to 30%. Some of the foods rich in fiber are broccoli, peas, avocados, pears, etc.
  • Protein – they also help to boost your metabolism because after their intake more time is needed for them to be digested. In the process, more energy is spent, and more calories burnt. Proteins may increase your metabolism up to 15 – 30%. There is protein in meat, eggs, almond, chicken breasts, fish, etc.
  • Spicy foods – pepper in food helps your body burn more calories. Pepper contains Capsaicin which boosts the metabolism.
  • Cold water– it increases your metabolism up to 8%. Your metabolism burns calories while the body tries to heat the water to body temperature.

2. Healthy Habits

Your body weight also depends on your healthy habits or whether you sleep enough, do some physical activities, etc. The following healthy habits will help you lose weight because they are also considered as metabolism boosters.

  • Enough sleep – is very important when it comes to weight loss. If you don’t sleep enough, your metabolism slows down and burns fewer calories.
  • High-intensity workout – is the best kind of workout and physical activity to do when you try to lose weight. It burns a large number of calories in a very short time.
  • Don’t miss breakfast – it is very important to eat breakfast. When you eat first thing in the morning, it starts your metabolism, and it also keeps your energy high.

healthy habits as metabolism boosters

It’s A Fact! Metabolism Boosters Will Help You Lose Weight!

Maybe some of us are not that lucky to have a fast metabolism and skinny body, but it doesn’t mean that we are not healthy. However, no matter how healthy we eat, sometimes we cannot lose weight because our metabolism works slow.

It’s a fact that metabolism boosters can help your metabolism work faster since they naturally affect our bodies and help us lose weight. Make sure to consume more metabolism boosters such as dairy products, coffee, tea, foods that are rich in protein and fiber, pepper, and cold water. Some healthy habits are also considered as metabolism boosters. Thus, if you want to get rid of the fat, make sure you get enough sleep, do the high-intensity workout and never skip breakfast.

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